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The Legend of the Stone & the Embryo

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The War of the Dragons

Out of the ashes, the Grandmasters of the Universe created a world of dragons and faerie creatures. A drive for world dominance spurred on by competing dragons produced a rift, splitting one world into two. The battle raged on through millennia and until it died out, became nothing more than a myth. As the inhabitants went on with their lives, a power-hungry fire dragon surreptitiously violated the rules of war and slowly extirpated societies in search of the forgotten egg.


The Legend of the Stone and the Embryo

The tiny village of Shambalese has become a breeding ground for death, as a strange new disease spreads through its people like wildfire. An elf-spawn must master the art of dream travel and overcome her fears of magic to search for the Lapisian Stone, a mythical cure that is her peoples only hope of survival.

With twists and turns along the way, can she trust those she meets on her journey? Will she be able to find the stone and return it to her people in time to save them?


Breaking the Illusion

After rescuing her village from the grips of extinction, Reollyn is soon thrust into another expedition. Arvandar, her partner and father of her concealed, unborn child, decides to return to his desert home of Ogdon’s Oasis. In his possession, he holds a mystic sword, but no recollection of how he obtained it. The sole survivor of his fighting brigade, returning home, with no defense, could prove to be fatal. He will have to stand trial for the alleged crimes of desertion, treason and murder. Against his advice, Reollyn insists on joining him. Will she find a way to use her dream walking skills to break open his suppressed consciousness? Will his memory return in time to exonerate him from the crimes?

Kazo, the Arch Mage, retains possession of the Lapisian Stone and has no intention of surrendering it. Reollyn is the key to opening up the ancient powers held within. He must find a way to extricate her hidden endowment to gain those powers for himself.

Meanwhile, Lucaenad’s hatred for elves explodes. His eyes turn towards, Chasedan, the lord of the Underdark. In his attempt to exterminate them, he devises a sinister plot. Reollyn’s brother, Cunos is caught in the crossfire. Will his decision to defend the Dark Elves be his last?

Two separate events, yet, both connected by prophetic tales of doom. Lucaenad’s race towards revenge only fuels his desire for world dominance. He will stop at nothing and employ all his evil resources to obtain it.

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The Wings of Change

As an ancient prophesy is unearthed, sleeping societies finally awaken to the discovery of the attack on their worlds. For centuries, the great Fire Beast, Lucaenad has manipulated, coerced and even murdered to further his plan for world dominance. Unintentionally, Reollyn and Arvandar expose Lucaenad's hidden agenda and his violation of the terms of the age-old peace treaty. Now that the bond is broken, what is left to keep the ruling dragons in check?  

With battles on every front, including the dream world, Reollyn and Arvandar must master their own demons and devices if they are to have any hope to save their two worlds.  

It's a race against time and a battle against legendary creatures, born of dark magic. Enslavement is a high price to pay for failure. Losing is not an option.  

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What's My Color?
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What's My Color?

Bobbe Lynn is a typical impressionable but independent elementary girl faced with the evils of peer pressure and self-esteem that seem to plague our society today. As she tries on a variety of outfits for school she is bombarded with memories of unpleasant feelings and comments that were uttered towards her by her schoolmates. Will she be able to find something to wear before her wardrobe is empty? Will she be able to satisfy anyone at school? Will her mother be able to make Bobbe Lynn see that it doesn't matter what others think?What's My Color is inspired by Dale Wimbrow's poem, The Guy in the Glass. The message of the book is fuelled by a compelling quote, "The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from the glass."

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