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Susanna grew up in rural Alberta and continues to appreciate the privacy and beauty of her country surroundings. The experiences she had shaped her love for all things nature.

Throughout her life she developed a passion for running and writing. With hard work and determination some of her dreams, like running the Boston Marathon, learning how to surf and completing her first fantasy fiction novel, came true. 

Susanna spends her days with her family, several cats, two dogs and writing books of fantasy while also dabbling with non-fiction.



S.J. Walker will teach the importance of realism in fiction to young writers.
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The War of the Dragon Series

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The Legend of the Stone & the Embryo


Breaking the Illusion

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The Wings of Change

Children's Books
(Under Name: Susanna Pankiw)

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Book Reviews

The Legend of the Stone and the Embryo


Excellent New Fantasy Series

I enjoyed the first book in this imaginative series very much. The author takes her readers on a voyage of discovery into a land of dragons and other magical beings. We follow the exciting adventures of a young elf-spawn, Reollyn, who must master the art of dream travel and magic as she searches for the mythical cure that will save the people of her village. Highly recommend.


L Rewuski

It took a while to get into, but once you did, it was really interesting. There were surprising twists that I really enjoyed and I am definitely looking forward to reading book two. What I like best is that I don't know what is going to happen next!!


T McHugh

I'm not typically a fantasy reader but found this book very enjoyable. The characters are so well written, you really want to know more the further you read.


M Maltais

Really enjoyed this too, will be looking for more from this author.


T Bellerose

Very interesting storyline. Buoy, left me hanging though. Good character development

Amazon Customer

It Won't Disappoint!

​I am not a fantasy book reader, but since this writer was one of my teachers in high school, I thought I would give her books a read!
I do agree with some of the other reviews, at the start it was hard for me to stay engaged, But about half through this book it keep me wanting to read more and that's what I love about a book! Now remember this is just book one of three, I do know that you won't be disappointed if you love fantasy reading!

Breaking the Illusion

M. Maltais

Really well written. Enjoyed this book a lot.

L Pentek

I read your second book.  I enjoyed it.  You are a very talented writer: I know you will do well.  I am impressed with your story and the characters.  I want to keep reading to find out what will happen next.

Amazon Customer

This Book Will Make You Want to Read the Third of This Series For Sure!

Is very imaginative, suspenseful, and what creative thinker this writer has.
To have that much detail and still tell the story without boring you, is successful in my world! Reollyn and Arvandar find out what they have to accomplish to keep peace in the world, and to find out that they were born to keep the peace, their prophecy I guess you would call it.
It is age old battle between good and bad. Book two of this series was by far my favourite, I could not put it down!

The Wings of Change


A compelling read!- The epic battle against evil continues in this third book of the War of the Dragons series. The reader is transported into this exhilarating world of dragons and magic where anything can happen and certainly does! Battling fantastical creatures and warring dragons, Reollyn and Arvandar must find the courage and strength to overcome the powers that seek to destroy their world. This story doesn't disappoint! Filled with action-packed excitement and fast-paced thrills, I highly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers!


One word…Epic!- The final book in the series does not disappoint. With twists and turns, beautiful writing and a conclusion to the story that doesn’t leave you hanging with a million questions at the end making this series a must read on multiple levels.

Amazon Customer

A Must Read

This is book three of the series
I had to find out if Lucaenad was going to be killed or punished (which one I didn't know) how and when and if Arvandar finds his brigade or his brother. How the sword and the Lapisian stone played their part in defeating the dark magic. I could go on and on but you'll have to read the books to find out for yourself. Now I'm going to give these books to my mom, so she can enjoy them as much as I did !

L Rewuski

What an exciting finish to The War of the Dragons!! Tying up all the loose ends was a very satisfying read. I liked that no one was left out, whether they found contentment or were dealt with, all characters were complete. Great read from beginning to end.

What's My Color?

What's My Color? is a wonderful story that inspires children to not worry about the pressures from peers, but to see the good in themselves. Susanna has done a fabulous job in creating a story that all children can relate to and I love the underlying theme of her mother being there for her when she needs her most. The connection between mother and daughter was sweet! A terrific book for all to enjoy and share with little people in their lives!

-Sheila Doherty

Assistant Principal/Inclusive Learning Coordinator (Vermilion Elementary School)


This is a lovely book! It's so great to help children to not only develop healthy self esteem, but to also be independent thinkers, assertive communicators, and managing difficult, stressful moments. What a great book! And so well written. Every child should have this book.

-Sandra A. Lancaster

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


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